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Earn 50% of every sale. Our average sale is for 4.8 bottles which results in a commission over $100 for you. By paying out your commissions weekly you don't have to wait for months before you see your money. Add to it our weekly prizes and you will see why some webmasters call us the best webmaster program on the net.

Weekly Payments
Tired of waiting for your hard earned money from other programs?
That's why our program pays out weekly. Pay periods are from Friday to Thursday with payment going out the following Friday by check or wire.
We have been paying out webmasters for over 4 years and have never missed a payment.
*Wire Transfers and Overnight Check Delivery are available for a small fee.

Real Time Stats
We feel that every webmaster needs to have accurate and detailed stats.
View Raw Hits, Unique Hits, Number of Sales, Conversion Ratio, Referral Pages, and even Sale Referral Pages. By having such detailed reports at your fingertips will help you maximize your profits from your traffic.

24/7 Support
We have full staff working around the clock. Support is available thru ICQ, Email, and Phone. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any problem, or, just drop us a note so we can get to know you. We value every webmaster big or small and give everybody "first class" treatment.

Webmaster Referrals
Many webmasters still haven't discovered how great our natural products sell. That's why you can make a lot of money by promoting our program to your fellow webmasters and earn 15% commission on every sale they generate. We have webmasters earning over $3,000 a month just from referrals.

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